Trans ID Clinic

Project Summary

PBSC’s Trans ID Clinic is run in partnership with the Skipping Stone Foundation and supervising lawyers from Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP. Skipping Stone is a Calgary-based not-for-profit whose mission is to support and empower trans and gender diverse youth and their families in the province of Alberta. The Trans ID Clinic provides free legal information, form-filling services, and referrals in a learning space that strives to be trans-positive, non-judgemental, anti-oppressive, and inclusive. Students on this project will assist the supervising lawyers in helping members of the trans community with applications to change names and gender markers on government-issued identification. Students will also conduct research to both update and add to informational materal that will used to expand the clinic’s and the organization’s outreach into rural Alberta.

“The erasure of trans and gender-diverse folks is clear when we examine the systemic barriers that exist to obtain accurate government ID. I love being able to support our clients in affirming their identity, because having accurate ID is a matter of dignity and human rights.”

Kerrin Rodrigues, 2L
Project Lead

Number of Students and Prerequisites

– 4 student volunteers and 1 project lead
– 1Ls are encouraged to apply
– Note: Priority for volunteer positions will be given to students who are members of the LGBTQ2+ community who demonstrate ongoing and meaningful allyship with the transgender community

Area of Law

– Human Rights Law
– Constitutional Law

Legal Skills

– Delivery of legal information
– Client interviewing skills
– Legal research and writing skills

Project Type

Direct Client Assistance Project

Project Timeline

Student volunteers on this project are expected to volunteer from October 2020 to March 2021 (excluding December 2020). PBSC students are expected to volunteer 3-5 hours per week. Additional hours are at the students’ discretion. Overall, all PBSC projects are easily manageable alongside academic demands.

Clinics will run on the 4th Thursday of each month (except for December) from 5:30-7:30pm (MDT). Students will use the Zoom web conferencing interface to participate in the Clinics remotely. Each student volunteer is responsible for attending one Clinic session. The dates are as follows:
– October 22, 2020
– November 26, 2020
– January 28, 2021
– February 25, 2021
– March 25, 2021

Required Training

All training for this project is schedule and provided by PBSC Calgary and the organization. This training will take place in September-October 2020, and will not conflict with students’ course schedules.

In addition to the training provided by Skipping Stone and Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP, the following PBSC training sessions are mandatory to volunteer on this project:
– PBSC Process Overview
– PBSC Ethics and Professional Responsibility Training
– PBSC Anti-Oppression Training
– Westlaw Research Strategies Training

Specific dates and times will be provided once volunteers are placed on their respective projects.

COVID-19 Contingency Plan

Student volunteers on this project will conduct all of their project-related work, training sessions, and meetings remotely for the duration of the project. The possibility of in-person work, training sessions, and meetings is subject to directives from the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Law and Alberta’s public health authority.

How to Apply?

Applications for the 2020/2021 year are now closed. The application deadline for the 2021/2022 cycle will become available August 2021.