Canadian Civil Liberties Association – Rights Watch

Project Summary

The student on this project will be assigned a particular Canadian jurisdiction to monitor and will do so by reviewing significant reports by rights-protecting and other public bodies. The student will review the report(s) and provide CCLA with a memo summarizing the key civil liberties issues that are raised in the report. The purpose of the memo is to allow CCLA to monitor key civil liberties issues in all jurisdictions across the country and consider issues and areas for future advocacy and/or litigation.

Number of students
and prerequisites

– 1 student
– Student must have an interest in civil liberties and government accountability
– Must be self-motivated, engaged in current events and/or politics, and enjoy writing

Area of Law

– Human Rights Law
– Constitutional Law

Legal Skills

– Delivery of legal information
– Legal research and writing

Project Type

Legal Research and Writing Project

Project Timeline

The student volunteer on this project is expected to work on this legal research and writing during October to March (excluding December).

Project-specific training: October