Indigenous Youth Outreach Project

Project Summary

Students in this project will deliver 5 workshops to high school students at Siksika Outreach School. The workshops prepare students to participate in a final mock trial at the Siksika Nation Provincial Court where they will play the roles of clients, lawyers, witnesses, jurors, and court clerks. The goal of the program is to provide Indigenous students with the opportunity to expand their understanding of the justice system, develop critical thinking and leadership skills, and to dream big about their educational goals. The curriculum for the project has been developed specifically for Indigenous youth by the Ontario Justice Education Network and LEVEL. Students assigned to this project will attend a cultural education training session in October in order to deliver effective presentations in accordance with Indigenous customs.

Number of students
and prerequisites

– 5 students
– No prerequisites required

Area of Law

– Criminal Law
– Indigenous Law
– Court Procedure

Legal Skills

– Delivery of legal information
– Public speaking skills

Project Type

Public Legal Education Project

Project Timeline

This project runs from September to December. Each workshop will run from approximately 1pm – 3:30pm.

– Workshop 1: End of September or early October
– Workshop 2: October
– Workshop 3: October
– Workshop 4: November
– Workshop 5: End of November