Residential Tenancy Legal Information Project

Project Summary

In collaboration with the BowWest Community Resource Centre, students on this project will develop and deliver public legal education workshops addressing the rights and obligations of being a tenant in Alberta. Presentations will address common landlord-tenant issues such as signing a lease agreement, rights and obligations during your lease, how to exit your lease, and how to manage a landlord-tenant dispute through Residential Tenancies Dispute Resolution Services. Presentations will be directed at low-income Calgarians, particularly those who are new and inexperienced tenants’ transitioning from homelessness, shelter living, or newcomers to Canada.

Number of students and prerequisites

– 4 students
– No prerequisites required.

Area of Law

– Property Law
– Landlord/Tenant Law

Legal Skills

– Delivery of legal information
– Public speaking skills
– Legal research and writing

Project Type

Public Legal Education Project

Project Timeline

During the fall semester, students will work in collaboration with the Supervising Lawyer and Faculty Advisor to research legal information and create a presentation on the current state of the law of residential tenancies.

During the winter semester, students will conduct 3 presentations for the BowWest Community Resource Centre and the clientele they serve.

– Presentation 1: January
– Presentation 2: February
– Presentation 3: March